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Control of Carbon Emissions

There is no single feature of a Boiler or Burner that can ensure reduction in carbon emissions.

Rather, there are a number of key variables which must fit together rightly in place (like a jigsaw puzzle) so as to ensure that CO2 emissions are truly and consistently reduced in addition to achieving high fuel efficiency.

 The key to reducing carbon emissions is to reduce the amount of fuel used, without compromising on the output.

Critical elements which must be in place to reduce Carbon Emissions -
A } Axial Air Flow Burner design to deliver -
  • High Combustion Efficiency
  • High Turndown Ratio
  • Low Excess Oxygen
B } True Three Pass Boiler Design with -
  • Large heat transfer surface
  • Low heat release rate
  • Low flue gas temperature
  • High levels of insulation with low thermal conductivity
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