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Direct Digital Combustion Control ( DDCC) & Motor Speed Control (VFD)

If the Burner is designed with axial air flow & a rotary shutter, then adding digital modulation & a variable speed control drive ( inverter / V.F.D. ) will ensure repeated accuracy of combustion & hence optimize the use of energy.

Ratiotronic DDCC systems manage single & multi fuel Burners so that they will consistently operate below 3% O2 across all operating loads and at less than 2% at high fire.

<<< Traditional Modulation Method Vs Motor Speed Control ( VFD) >>>

*** Energy Savings by fitting V.F.D. to Burner ***

The graphs below indicate the valuable energy savings ( electricity, fuel, cost etc. ) which can be obtained from fitting a V. F. D. to a Burner

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