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Efficient Air Flow
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Efficient Air Flow

Burner Air Flow Design

The Burner is the brain in the Boiler House. It’s the Burner & not the Boiler that has a major impact on whole life efficiencies, costs and emissions. Hence, to save considerable project time & cost, a detailed specification for Burner Performance needs to be prepared.

Axial Air Flow Burners are specifically designed to remove the air flow faults of Gun type & Rotary Cup Burners.

Axial Air Flow produces uniform air distribution at all levels of firing – including at low fire operation.

Axial Air Flow is fundamental so as to ensure –

• High Combustion Efficiency across a wide turndown range
• Consistently lower fuel consumption
• Truly low NOx
• Noise levels below 65d(B)A without acoustic shrouds
• Energy absorbing air vanes & splitters are not needed as extra add-ons

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