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Efficient Air Flow
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Excess Air in Combusion Process
Flue Gas Analysis
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Excess Oxygen / Air in Combustion Process

Combustion efficiency can be measured by comparing % oxygen levels taken from flue gas readings. Typically, Boilers will emit flue gas at approximately 250 ºC.

The more efficient the Burner, the lower is the amount of excess air used in combustion resulting in least volumetric emission of CO2 in flue gases.

Efficient digital modulating Burners consistently operate at less than 2% excess air at high fire.

Oxygen Trim
It is a means of managing combustion efficiency through fuel saving. It maintains optimum fuel to air ratios & maximizes the combustion efficiency by continually monitoring & automatically adjusting flue oxygen levels.

A good oxygen trim system ‘learns’ the impact of every trim adjustment. This removes any time lag problem & allows full oxygen trim operation regardless of how often or how rapidly the firing changes.

*** Flue Gas Losses at different temperatures ***

The graphs below show typical CO2 analyses of flue gas when combustion is carried out by using 2 different fuels ( Extra Light Fuel Oil & Natural Gas ) at different levels of excess air & temperatures

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