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Efficiency Air Flow
Turndown Ratio
DDCC & Motor Speed Control (V.F.D.)
Excess Air in Combustion Process
Flue Gas Analysis
Carbon Emission Control
Nox Emissions Control
Flue Gas Analysis
Flue Gas Analysis

Flue gas analyser provides accurate, semi continuous measurements of flue gas emissions for both gas & oil fired plant.

This compact & portable tool will provide accurate values ( as indicated below ) which is essential for increasing the fuel efficiency, maintenance and compliance.

Measured Values

Calculated Values

Oxygen, O2 & Carbon monoxide, CO
Flue Gas Temp. & Ambient Temp.
Soot Particles
Nitric Oxide, NO & Nitrogen dioxide, NO2
SO2 module ( Optional )

CO in undiluted flue gas
CO2 & % CO
Boiler Efficiency
Conversion of ppm to mg/m3 & mg/kW/hr
Excess air

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