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Solid Fuel Central Heating Boiler With Stoker

  • All kinds of solid fuel can be burnt easily

  • Fuel feeding is under the combustion chamber, so boiler efficiency is higher & waste materials are less than others

  • The bunker, once filled by user, need not filled again for approximately 3 days due to its large capacity

  • Due to large feed cover, combustion chamber is easily accessible and ignition operation is simplified

  • Combustion chamber is covered by refractory concrete material which increases the temperature around this area

  • Temperature adjustment , fuel feeding & waiting time can be adjusted by means of Control Panel

  • When the boiler temperature exceeds 90 C, Limit thermostat shuts down the reducer & fan but circulation pump continues to work. Further, when the water temperature falls down below +4 C, circulation pump works automatically for blocking the freezing risk
As a result of all these, the Boiler operation is highly efficient & economical

Applications : For economical heating and comfort

Central Fuel heating boiler with stocker

Capacity Range : 90,000 3,00,000 kcal/hr .
Available in six models

Technical Data

solid central fuel heating  boiler with stoker

Capacity Range : 3,50,000 10,00,000 kcal/hr .
Available in seven models

Technical Data

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