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Advantages of IBR /SIB Boilers

  • Three Pass Double Helical Design : Allows preheated feed water to flow downwards through the finned economiser banks & passes to the radiant steaming zone

  • Full Wet Back Design

  • Large Furnace with Low Position : Enables low heat release rate, rapid water circulation

  • Submerged Combustion Chamber : Results in excellent internal water circulation

  • Separate Tube Sheet : Eliminates stresses, prevents ligament cracks

  • Radiant First Pass

  • Liberal Water Content : Enables the furnace & tubes to be well submerged for maximum protection

  • Large Steam Liberating Surface : Provides dry steam with steady water line

  • Ample Steam Storage Space : Provides uniform steam pressure under any load

  • Rear Tube Sheet : One inside & one outside, eliminates stresses

  • Second & Third Pass Tubes : In convection zone

  • Easy Access

  • Quick Opening Flue Doors
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