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Efficient Air Flow
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Flue Gas Analysis
Carbon Emission Control
Nox Emission Control

“ FUEL IS TOO EXPENSIVE TO WASTE ” If it’s YOUR energy budget—don’t risk second or third hand ‘guestimates’ of energy & emissions performance. Insist on proven operational data to support the Key Energy Efficiency Factors. The efficiency of your Boiler / Burner needs to be monitored with an exhaustive Energy audit. A full technical report with fuel saving recommendations is the need of time.

We at AMBA ENTERPRISES, render various suggestions to save energy & improve the fuel efficiency by focusing on the Key Energy Efficiency Factors. After inspection of your existing system, we present our recommendations on Energy/Fuel savings in the form a comprehensive technical report which incorporates the following : –

  • Observations carried out on existing systems at client’s end.
  • Highlights on problem areas.
  • Modification or Replacement of existing system as whole or its spares ( as the case may be ) if required.
  • Various ways & means to reduce the fuel consumption & save energy.

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