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Control of NOx Emissions

Burner design is critical in ensuring maximum efficiency and low NOx.

Crucial to the consistent reduction of NOx is the principle of Axial Air Flow which, when used in conjunction with a correctly dimensioned Boiler, enables Burners to be inherently low NOx emitters.

Axial Air Flow Burners with ultra low NOx heads when fitted to a well designed Boiler will easily achieve NOx emissions as follows :

Gas - 70mg. per kW hour
Oil - 165mg. per kW hour

The geometry of the Boiler or Furnace must be such that hotspots are eliminated, eddying currents are created to facilitate internal flue gas circulation & the design provides for a low and smooth transfer of heat. In addition, because NOx is a thermally produced gas, its reduction is also dependent on the Calorific Value of Gas

Air / Fuel Staging

It is one of the most effective methods of reducing NOx and is achieved by seperating the air & fuel into areas of sub stoichiometric and over stoichiometric conditions.

The main aim of this technique is to divide the air into three distinct and seperate patterns - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Each of these patterns is controllable in its own right.

Flue Gas Recirculation ( FGR )

It is a popular and proven technique for reducing NOx levels - particularly thermal NOx.

Reductions of NOx levels can be relatively modest and installing FGR does create major restrictions in Boiler design. This means that FGR cannot be easily retrofitted without the Boilers being down - rated.

FGR also requires sophisticated control, extensive and cumbersome external pipe work and in some instances, Blowers - all of which have to operate at exhaust gas temperatures. As a result, first costs and maintenance costs increase and Boiler reliability diminishes.

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