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Aderco Fuel Oil Additive

Aderco (a 100% ashless, detergent, dispersant, surfactant type additive) helps in easy removal of emulsified water from fuel oil breakdown of heavier molecules into smaller ones, dispersing them uniformly in the fuel oil.

It offers several benefits & thereby facilitates to improve your fuel oil system & minimize all problems related with off spec fuel oils & its handling.

The major firms who are regular users of this additive include various Government , Semi Government & Private
Organizations from the following fields -

Petroleum Sector
Power Industry ( Electricity , Thermal Power etc. )
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
Fertilizer Industry
Consumer goods etc

Unique Distinguishing Features
Aderco due to its unique dispersant & surfactant properties offers several benefits like -
  • Conversion of wasteful sludge into usable fuel ( Desludging of fuel oil ) & preventing further sludge formation in the storage tanks

  • Reduction in viscosity of fuel oil (RFO/ LSHS/ Furnace Oil/ LDO), to the range of 10% thereby reducing the oil pump amperage & energy saving due to reduction in pre-heating temperature

  • Maintaining fuel oil in homogenous condition by preventing its stratification

  • Improved atomization & reduction in formation of Carbon Monoxide (main component in reducing the flame temperature) thereby resulting in complete combustion

  • Considerable reduction in : -
    • Clinker formation & soot deposition in combustion chamber
    • Low & High temperature Corrosion
    • Pipeline, filters & strainers clogging

  • Increase in T.B.O. (Time between overhaul) & thus less spare parts are required

  • Less carbon particle fall out & less pollution i.e. totally eco-friendly

  • Fuel Savings
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