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Therminol 55

Therminol - 55 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid intended for use in liquid phase for indirect process heating.

Therminol 55, when incorporated in your Heat Transfer System, offers several benefits including increased thermal & oxidation stability thereby resulting in more efficient heat transfer, longer fluid life & optimum operating economies.

Therminol - 55 finds its application in the following -

  • Process Heating Chambers in textiles, plywood
  • Heating of calendar rolls
  • Tracing of lines at storage terminals
  • Process Heating for chemical industry
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
Unique Performance Benefits

Therminol - 55 on account of its properties offers the following Performance Benefits -
  • Wide Operating Range : Therminol - 55 can be used over a Wide Operating Range of -10 C to 305 C, delivering years of reliable, cost effective performance, even during continuous system operation at 305 C. Its use can also be extended over a bulk temperature of 315 C

  • Long Life : The chemical composition of Therminol - 55 enables to minimize the formation of low boilers & eliminate the risk of insoluble high boiler formation and fouling, thus leading to long life. Therminol - 55 performs within the respective temperature range for an extended period without any breakdown or corrosion

  • Non - Fouling : The unique composition of Therminol - 55 resists the effects of oxidation 10 times better than mineral oils. Less oxidation means less solid formation & much less fouling

  • Superb Low Temperature Pumpability : Therminol - 55 is pumpable even at temperatures as low as - 15 F or - 25 C { as compared to mineral oils which become jelly-like & cannot be pumped below 20 F / - 7 C }. Therminol - 55 helps your heat transfer fluid system to start up quickly & easily

  • Compatibility : Therminol - 55 is compatible with all types of mineral oils & can be added / mixed in all proportions with mineral oils

  • Cost Savings : Therminol - 55 when used as a heating medium in applications traditionally using steam, results in greater savings w.r.t. capital, operation & maintenance costs

  • Conversion Ability : Therminol - 55 is interchangeable & allows conversion by a simple top-up procedure wherever preferred
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